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SHMC Virginia was asked to help 95 year old June Carr check an item off of her bucket list. She wanted to go for a ride in a sidecar... Done! This was awesome and we are so thankful we were able to help make this happen for her! Mrs. Carr passed away in October 2016. RIP and thank you for allowing us to be a part of this special day!

Due to their frequent relocation, SHMC members serving in the armed forces wear the NOMADS Rocker.

Membership in SHMC is not for everyone. It requires a serious commitment to be a part of something greater than any single individual. It isn’t about donning a leather vest with a cool patch and acting the part... It’s a lifestyle, a belief system, and it’s about living it! It’s a commitment to be part of a brotherhood and to work to help others that are less fortunate by participating in various events. It’s a commitment to be there for your brothers as they will be there for you. If you are a club jumper, patch collector, or a “take my toys and go home type”, we do not want you. We want quality individuals that are willing to make a commitment and stand by it… Still interested? You might have what it takes… 

SHMC is a registered IRS 501(c)(3) public charity. Our primary mission is to provide assistance to the families of fallen public safety personnel and veterans. This is accomplished via donations, scholarships, etc. Each SHMC Chapter is a separate legal entity. Make a difference today with a donation supporting our cause and help further our mission!

Examples of areas SHMC has provided assistance:

  • Childhood Cancer Research         
  • Law Enforcement United (PWCOPD - Chris Yung Ride)
  • Victims of House Fires
  • EOD Wounded Warriors
  • Wounded Warriors/LEO’s                                    
  • Burial Expense Assistance
  • Disaster Victims   
  • Feed the Hungry Initiatives
  • Safe Harbor Child Advocacy

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Strength & Honor MC


Welcome to the Mother Chapter of the Strength & Honor Motorcycle Club located in Stafford County, VA.

Strength & Honor Motorcycle Club (SHMC) was founded on 12/04/05 as a law enforcement motorcycle club (LEMC). In addition to law enforcement officers, SHMC members include those who honorably serve or have served in the Armed Forces of the United States, those who save lives and protect property, and all others who defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as embodied in the Constitution of the United States of America.

SHMC was established as a fraternal organization for like minded motorcycle riders who love this nation and are committed to the guiding principles of this Club; Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, and Dedication.

SHMC is a non-territorial club, our bottom rocker merely identifies where we are from. We are not a 1% motorcycle club. We respect all who ride and expect the same in return.